Real Era Music T-Shirts!

I am pleased to announce that “Real Era Music” T-Shirts will be available soon! I am hoping to have different colors in the future but for now they will be black with white logo and script as shown above.  Regular adult sizes(S/M/L/XL) will be available and if you would like to purchase one please let me know!  I am hoping to put in an order by the end of the month and hopefully they will be here by the beginning of April.  Be sure to put your order in soon as I am anticipating that they will sell out quickly! Only $20 each.  Thank you!

Date Night Dinners with D!

So as I am always on a never ending quest to improve and learn new things, I can’t help but get excited when someone has a really good idea.  After a lengthy conversation with my old friend “D,” who just so happens to be a really great guy and an incredible chef he told me about this great idea for a cooking show that he had.  As we began to brainstorm I basically told him, “Hey I got a camera and I know how to use iMovie…Wussup?!?!” LOL… So after a day of shooting and countless hours of editing we now have one of my latest ventures, “Date Night Dinners with D.”

In this day in age with everyone’s hectic schedules people are constantly having to schedule a “date night” to get out,  unwind a little bit and spend some time together.  We figure rather than go out and spend money on dinner, you can try these easy to make recipes at home (that are delicious by the way) for that special someone and maybe pick up some cooking tips along the way.  When you have a chance check it out and feel free to let me know what you think!


RIP Gene Wilder aka Willy Wonka!

This guy was my absolute favorite as a kid growing up and I know all of the songs from the original Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory movie (sorry kids the new Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp does not count! LOL).  When I heard of his passing back on August 29th, I posted to social media a version of the song “Pure Imagination” that I recorded back in July and completely forgot to post it here!  I was up late working in the studio and that song popped in my head as I had been working on it a student.  As I started to play it, I couldn’t help but think of my children and how I hope that their imaginations remain pure so that they can feel free to create anything that they desire.  I hope you enjoy my rendition of the song and always remember that you can do anything you put your mind to!

A Fresh New Look!

Hey Everyone!  Don’t worry you are in the right place! LOL.

With everyone going back to school and starting a new year I felt that it was time for a fresh new look here at the website!  It’s slightly revamped but everything is generally i the same place that it has always been.  For those of you looking for the menu to sign in, locate the three lined icon at the top right of the screen and for those looking for the bottom menu just click the arrow on the bottom right hand side.  

If you have any trouble navigating you can always send me an email and I will gladly walk you through it and help in any way I can.  Have a great afternoon everyone!

Anthony Francisco’s Sunshine!

A few month’s ago I had an incredible opportunity to play on a beautiful song called “Sunshine” for my good friend Anthony Francisco, who is a local artist here in the Bay Area.  About a month after that I got a call to do a video shoot for an acoustic version that he was putting together to post on youtube!  Long story short, I remember it being a blazing hot day and ran straight from my office in Concord out to the cold weather of San Francisco to make it to the studio just in time!  Then I wake up one day and there’s a video of me playing music online…pretty cool feeling.  If you like the song be sure to check it out on all media outlets including Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, etc.

Check This Out!

I was on Facebook the other day and saw this post of an incredible brass band by the name of “No BS Brass Band” that is based out of Richmond Virginia that is absolutely AMAZING!  For all of my wind players who are working on building up their stamina, articulation techniques, and sense of timing, have a listen to this!

Online Make-Up Lesson Calendar!

Hey Everyone!

I am happy to announce that after a couple of weeks of beta testing and trying to figure out how all of this works, we now have a make-up lesson calendar!  To access this calendar, you will need to use the link located on the right side menu that is titled “Available Make Up Lessons,” (how original is that right? LOL).  This menu selection will only be available from the Rockin’ Robbies page and your individual lesson pages as that is the only location where I offer make-up lessons.

Once you access the page, select a particular day (note that the calendar starts on Monday) and punch through each day to select an appropriate time.  Once you decide, continue to fill out the information on the form below and click submit!

From there, I will check out the time slot, make sure everything lines up and confirm the appointment which should then send you a confirmation email.  From all of my testing everything seems to work ok, but just in case there are any bugs please feel free to email me!

Hopefully everyone will enjoy the experience and please keep in mind that lesson times will be updated on a consistent basis, so please check back regularly!  Thank you everyone for your patience and I hope that you are all enjoying the website!

Mr. Vince


Ok so this post is for all of my students and it is completely unrelated to anything on this site.  But if you take either a private lesson or a class with me you are well aware of this situation as I have had to consistently stop people in their tracks from talking as to not allow any spoilers.  So…


Hahahahahaha.  And I must admit that it was really really good.  I ended up buying the movie on iTunes and have watched it twice already.  So for all of my students that show up for lessons in the next few weeks, please feel free to bring up Star Wars so we can discuss it.  Ok that’s it! Have fun enjoying the website!

Online Practice Logs!

For those of you that will be signing up to use our online lesson tracking system I have just figured out how to create an online practice log!  This way, students will no longer need to worry about losing their practice log or remember to bring their practice logs to lessons.  You can simply use the online form, plug in your name, location you take lessons, and the number of minutes that you practiced each day of the week.  Click submit and you’re done!

I’m anticipating that it might need a couple of tweaks but the idea is awesome! LOL.  Not bad for a guy who doesn’t know anything about making websites.

And we’re back online!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the newly refreshed Real Era Music website! As I partake on this journey to figure out how to build a website you will get to read all about it right here.  So far there is a member’s only area in the works, as well as a cool way to input and submit your weekly practice logs.  I know absolutely nothing about building and managing websites so thank you in advance for your patience!  If you have any suggestions on things that could make it better please feel free to let me know.  In the meantime have a look around!